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I’m unaware of any business that, for most of its existence anyway, has not been focused on increasing revenue. Increased revenue allows an organization to hire more people, add products, expand territories, and all the other things on their wish lists. I’m in the business of helping businesses implement a day in, day out system that will play a big role in increasing revenue forever. The biggest role actually.

Having a team of great sellers is the key to constant revenue growth. And the key to having a team of great sellers is to be focused on a systematic, ongoing sales recruitment effort. Systematic? Ongoing? I’ve heard it hundreds of times. Sales leaders generally turn on a recruitment effort when they have an opening. Makes sense. But it eliminates focus on finding talent, whether you need it right then or not.

Therefore, I suggest that you need to get your mind around a total change in sales hiring philosophy. Don’t hire in a panic because one of your people just bailed out on you. Be on the lookout for good sales talent. And have a system to push anyone with great potential into your recruitment pipeline. If you found someone who you really believed could be a top producer for your team, I’d suggest you figure out how to get them on board. Maybe they could replace your weakest player.

A sales recruitment pipeline that always has more people in it than you need is a good thing. It positions you to move quickly if an urgent need arises. More importantly, it keeps you focused on looking at new talent to add to your team. With the philosophy of wanting sales hiring options all the time, you’re unlike to be caught flat footed. And you’ll never be hiring in a panic.

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