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Bruce Berman

Holy Reluctance Batman!

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Never before has human behavior changed so dramatically and so quickly as we have seen in the last 90 days. And it changes a bit more each passing day.

Shopping Mall Pre Covid
Photographer: Heamosoo Kim | Source: Unsplash

Shopping malls were already having serious trouble before the pandemic shut down nearly all elements of the economy. They’re getting crushed now. It will be a very long time before we see images like that above again.

A Neilsen survey found that since the shutdown, nearly 10 million NEW online shoppers have emerged. They had to for nearly everything other than groceries. And they were reluctant to venture out to a crowded store even for groceries.

The reluctance of consumers to venture out is waning somewhat but is likely to impair economic recovery for the foreseeable future. You must make every effort to have potential customers see that you take their health and safety seriously. That will help with consumer reluctance.

A more controllable reluctance that stands in the way of economic recovery is sales representative call reluctance. Your sales representatives. The ones you can lead through a reluctant market.

Top performing sellers have an entrepreneurial drive to develop solutions to the problems keeping them from making a sale. If your market is reluctant to have reps call on prospects as they did 90 days ago, the top performers are figuring new ways to make prospects willing to consider their offerings. If your sales recruitment effort has been focused on previous experience to the detriment of entrepreneurial drive, you are probably going to struggle A LOT until your market gets less reluctant.

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