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Bruce Berman

Equality in Your Sales Hiring Process

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We are in interesting times. Calls for justice and equality abound. So how do you make sure you’re process for hiring top sales representatives would meet today’s “standards?”

diversity in hiring
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The major point I’ll make in answering that question is this: you must actually have a process! Trying to generate a bunch of resumes for your position and fumbling through them looking for talent is NOT a process. It is a recipe for failure. You must have a strategically designed process that addresses the main results needed for hiring sales reps.

First is to fill your pipeline with applicants. Second, you must have a systematic way of filtering the applicants to determine which ones are most likely to succeed. It must be based on scientifically measurable characteristics. Then you must have a structured interview process where all applicants are asked the same questions in the same order and you must take notes and score answers. Allowing your “gut instinct” on a particular applicant to bias your decision not only opens you up to possible unfair discrimination, but also increasing your chances of making a hiring mistake.

Diversity in employment opportunities is a great goal to have. BUT, your primary responsibility is to hire sales reps who will be able to sell your product or service in a manner profitable to your company. One “quality” where you should not be interested in diversity is sales talent. You need a very homogeneous team filled with high performing sales reps. Having the right players on your team as we start to get the economy rolling again is more important than ever. A fair process that attempts to minimize bias as much as possible in comparing applicants is an achievable goal. And if this process keeps your “gut feel” out of the process entirely, it’s also likely to increase your chances of making good hires. To learn more about this click here.