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Alan Fendrich

Hiring Quality Salespeople in the New Year

Talent Acquisition 1 min read

Anyone who feels unaffected by the Covid Crisis this year has missed the point. This was the year for us all to look inside ourselves, figure out what we stand for, and work at discarding the rest.

For Advanced Hiring it's been a good year. Revenues were solid, but most of all we've been able to help you, our valued clients, find super talent.

Clients who've jumped into the fray have said they got talent they had never been able to find before.

One of our clients and good friends, Cameron Robinson, described a hire we found as "like dating way out of my league." She of course was being overly modest, as she and her company is an example of people and a company that cares, but you get the point.

The amount of high-quality sales talent available is amazing. You owe it to yourself to upgrade the quality of your sales team now.

Years ago I was a very active stock trader. I specialized in down markets. But one rule I learned the hard way is the economy is more optimistic than pessimistic. After a downturn things always come back. I expect we'll see a revitalization of small and medium sized businesses soon.

If you need help getting starting using the System, please reach out. We're here to help.

Best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year from all of us here at Advanced Hiring System to all of you!

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