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Alan Fendrich

How to Accelerate Your Growth by Using High-Octane Sales Talent

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If you want to build the Ultimate Sales Machine, one of the key pieces of the puzzle is to understand the personality profile of top producers.

Breaking it down, you need to learn how to recruit them and keep them and then apply best-practice to manage them.

At Advanced Hiring System we've been helping our clients laser in on the best talent -- and ignore the posers.

I want to reveal 20 years of secrets in finding, interviewing, testing, motivating, compensating, and managing superstar salespeople.

You will learn essential insights into hiring only the best people for your sales department.

The average bad hire costs a company $60,000, yet most hiring decisions are made from an hour-long interview—f you're lucky.

I've talked to CEOs of companies who estimate that a single bad hire costs them millions.

You will learn some unique and effective methods for finding people’s faults before you hire them. Most companies do not find out any of the problems until after people have worked for them for several months. By then it’s a painful extraction process, or worse, you leave them in the job because they know how to do it and you don't have the time or energy to replace them.

When I was top producer everywhere I worked, I thought the only reason I was top producer was because companies didn’t usually hire people like me who were difficult to manage. You know the type: eager to please, always looking for more to do, always wanting more responsibility, always wanting to know more than you think they need to know. I was like that—a pain—but they're worth every penny if you properly channel their energy. So I swore that when I got into a position of authority, I would hire this type of person,

Then I started building Radio Profits Corporation and had the freedom to hire anyone I wanted. When I tried to hire nothing but superstars, I discovered that they're an incredibly rare breed. So, I spent the next 20 years studying the phenomena that make top producers and superstar sellers.

One-person armies may think they are not in the position to hire anyone, especially superstars. But you'll learn otherwise. Think of what just one top-producing salesperson could do for your business. What could you focus on and accomplish if you had someone else who was expertly handling your sales? How much faster could your business grow? I've shown many entrepreneurs who didn’t think they could afford salespeople how to hire a whole team of salespeople on straight commission.

This is a profound breakthrough for most businesses and can reshape your entire company almost overnight. So if you think you can’t possibly hire or don’t need a superstar right now, think again.

I've created a short survey that will show you the best way to go about hiring a quality superstar salesperson. In less than the minute that it takes to complete the questions based on average deal size and some other factors you'll get your answer.

The old expression is turning lemons into lemonade. Our clients are taking this crisis and turning it into the best sales quarters they've ever had. Go ahead and click and take the survey now. It's worth getting the answers.

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