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Opportunity Abounds!

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The number of really talented salespeople who are looking for work is unprecedented. Virtually every business has been disrupted by the economic shutdown. Nearly everywhere in the world. Unemployment has surged from record lows to record highs in the course of 90 days. And, unfortunately, a lot of businesses will not survive.

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As the economy slowly reopens, it would be foolish to expect that everything will be normal quickly. It won’t be. And the most important element of business that has to recover quickly is sales. Sales pipelines will not fill up quickly or automatically. Businesses need to get aggressive and smart with their sales function.

Having a team of great sellers who can adapt to the current economic and social conditions is key. The sellers will get the pipeline filled and deals closed more quickly than any other people in your business. It’s what they do.

So, what does this mean for me right now?

First, you have a ton of great sellers looking for work. Get on the hiring process today.

Second, your competitors’ relationships with their clients are not as strong as they were before due to the disruption. The target who wouldn’t talk to you for years might now be interested. you could be their best choice in the new reality.

We are seeing unprecedented sales recruitment activity form our clients who understand they have to get sales moving. Or else!

To learn how to take advantage of the talent pool opportunity in a strategic and efficient manner, click HERE to set a time for us to talk. It could be the most valuable decision you make.

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