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Bruce Berman

Pandemic. Riots. What’s Next?

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Things are starting to open back up. People are seen in the streets for the first time in months. The new reality is very different but at least we’re heading in the right direction. Then the wheels came off.

Photographer: Spenser | Source: Unsplash

A police officer thousands of miles away from you appears to murder an unarmed African American man in custody. And the next thing you know, the protests in your town turn violent and businesses are being burned and looted. I hope you’ve been fortunate. Your business is unscathed. But what now? Is there another gut punch on the horizon?

It’s impossible to know what might happen. What is not impossible is to control what you do for your business to keep it pointed in the right direction. Set new goals and push toward reaching them. The single most important thing for your business right now is to get sales moving. Quickly! Therefore, you must make sure you’ve got the right sellers on your sales team.

We all have decisions to make about our businesses during what are unprecedented times. It sounds so cliched, but what is going on in our country and in our economy have no precedent. Unemployment went from record lows to record highs in the course of a couple weeks. People are uncertain and anxious.

I have no magic bullet here, nor does anyone else! But one thing I’m sure is true is that only you can make the decision what to do with your business. If you choose to figure out how to sell your products and services in this new reality, you must recruit great sellers. Ones who see the new realities of things today as an exciting challenge. Ones who see the opportunity in what to some seems like a hopeless situation. The talent pool of great sellers has never been more available for sales recruiting.

The world will go on. The economy will come back. Business will return. Make the decision to be a part of the new economic reality and you’ve taken the first step in answering the question: What’s next?

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