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Bruce Berman

Recruit Now!

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While the recovery of the economy after shutdowns is far from done, we are seeing more activity in hiring for many positions across most industries. Hotels, a segment that has been particularly hard hit, are starting to see some improvement in occupancy and revenue per available room, an important metric in the industry. As this continues, the pool of talent we’ve been discussing for several months is shrinking. If at all possible, recruit now!

Photographer: Jake Stark | Source: Unsplash

We’ve been talking about the huge talent pool available for several weeks, if not more. That pool is starting to shrink as companies that are able to begin hiring are doing so. And the talent most important to recovery, as we have been stressing for weeks as well, is sales talent. Great sellers are going to be the key to pulling your business out of the unprecedented downturn we’ve been through. The number of available sellers is shrinking a bit every day. Every hour. Right now.

Therefore, it is time for us to talk about the first step in filling your pipeline with solid candidates to grow your sales team. We’ll focus first on making sure your recruitment ad will attract the right type of candidates. We focus our client’s efforts on seeking money motivated persuaders. And there are certain words and business characteristics that are more appealing to these people than others. It is important that you know them and use them.

The type of person you’re looking for will not be attracted to your ad touting the family atmosphere in your business. This is not to say that they aren’t nice people. Most are as the personality type generally seeks to get along with and influence people. We have many resources to help you write a job ad that will attract the right candidates. This is indeed the important first step in rebuilding a killer sales team. To learn more about how we can help you recruit top performing sellers, click HERE.

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